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SUPERCAR SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE BY MANUFACTURER As Supercars manufacturers, we offer a high-quality custom-made services that supercar's owners deserve, no matter where in the world they are based. The Sly Garage Factory professional technicians are manufacturing trained and have a wide range capabilities from servicing and repairs, through to vehicle customization and supercar recovery. Each of our technicians has deepest Supercars mechanical background and a professional approach, our work is tailored to customer requirements and executed to the highest possible standard. Our services are available worldwide, ensuring that owners of Anomalya vehicles always have access to high quality services, original spare parts and maintenance

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SLY GARAGE FACTORY SUPERCAR SERVICE, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS Our team of professional technicians, trained in our facilities, regularly works on our supercars and other high value vehicles, each one built up specialist knowledge of a wide range of car models. Whether you just want to service your vehicle to make sure that it’s in perfect working condition, or you require performance car repairs, we can provide what you need.

FULL SERVICES AND MAINTENANCE at SGF we guarantee our jobs from engine control unit remapping through to full mechanical enhancements, all our tuning work is tailored to the needs of you and your vehicle.

Supercar service and maintenance

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ANOMALYA SUPERCAR CUSTOMIZATION At SGF We personalise your own Anomalya Supercar that can fit your drive style and personal requirements. Sly Garage Factory srl, offers one-stop service for supercar owners, we offer a range of customization options alongside our services. Whether you want to alter the engine, the wheels, the transmission gear system, the appearance of the vehicle we can help you stand out from the crowd, maintaining the high end quality of the automotive system, it means that you will have a Perfect Car customized according to your goals.


SLY GARAGE SUPERCAR MANUFACTURER Using our deepest engineering knowledge of the main and best Italian supercars manufacturing industries, SGF has as main goal to create new models, as Anomalya, of the top made in Italy high performance hybrid sport automobiles designed and homologated for streetd legal. We use to best mechanical background from our direct experience producing Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani supercars, creating only high performance supercars respecting the international technical and safety standards and requirements of the global automotive luxury market

OUR WORKING PHISOLOSOPHY Every single component and technical details of Anomalya car was designed and manufactured following our main goal: to enhance vehicle performance. This is shown in every mechanical part we do, each one is important. From the way we designed our raw materials, our tools, our engineering tools, technology systems and maintenance to the after sales customer service everything was setup for our VIP market. Every single procedure in our process is focused on high end made in Italy performance


WE ARE ITALIANS WE LOVE WHAT WE DO  as mechanical engineers we increase our efforts to get the high end results possible from each of our components.


Luca, Samuele & Sly Our Technical Engineers





ENGINE PORSCHE 3200 CC Anomalya's engine engineering staff appreciate the range of use of the Porsche boxer engine and the way in which the Power/Torque ratio can be exploited, that is, bring it to the right torque with an important rpm range.

THE TURBO SOLUTIONS FOR ENGINE Many people talks about Turbo solution for engines, when they only care in the number of Power Horses with obese cars, heavy and slow including full of features that are useless; we don't use turbo, because we find the overpowered motor to be a liar engine. The engine displacement does not means that the engine displaced physically, it really is the quantity of fuel and air that can be injected into the engine itself,...


THEREFORE AN ASPIRATED ENGINE called atmospheric engine, has a maximum pressure of 1.033 K / cm2 (pressure of the sea level) for this reason for 2000, 3000, 3500 of displacement will not be able to carry more than the unit volume that it has inside, i.e. in our case a 3200 will be able to aspire, in the best of hypotheses, 3200 cc the same motor overpowered and brought to 01 bar of overfeeding will bring double the air inside, for this reason it will be easy to get more power even if the engine has not been mechanically improved since in reality there is a pump that injects more air, this solution we find it from the engineering point of view not correct.







Supercar Engineering and Manufacturing company The Sly Garage Factory srl designs and produces the Sportive Supercar "Anomalya" customizing technical specifications according to customer requirements, as street legal and high performance luxury sports car, according to the Italian manufacturing tradition of high end quality and aero efficiency to the automotive deluxe market. Made in Italy mechanical engineering technology knowledge to produce the best global


Anomalya supercar technical data for drive lovers



FOR INFO AND CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL IN ITALY: +39.333.6371.644 (Whatsapp & Wechat)



Sly Garage Factory is an Italian supercar manufacturing industry created to design, develop and produce the Best Supercars to the global automotive market


SUPERCAR MANUFACTURING PROCESS At SGF we guarantee that each part of the manufacturing process has been done considering our main guide lines "offer the best sport supercar to our customers" from sketch, technical design, safety rules, ergonomic standards, street legal machine specs of chassis, car body, interior, brakes, lights, suspension, to the final paint and interior details are process according to our manufacturing tradition: high end quality and handmade finished Made in Italy



Anomalya is a road legal high performance luxury supercar manufacturerd in Lucca Tuscany Italy by Sly Garage Factory automotive manufacturing industry. SGF engineering department offer to the luxury car market, the Perfect Car, an Italian Sport Supercar for drive lovers, who wants to feel the driving system, a unique traditional Made in Italy mechanical engineering technology knowledge to produce "The Best World Supercar" using engine Porsche boxer 6 cylinder 3200 cc derived from the original Porsche 986 and formula' components working in synergy to develop the maximum drive experience

To build anomalya supercar the Sly Garage Factory uses the last generation of engineering composites for vehicles making our car lighter, safer and more fuel efficient than other materials. The composite, as car material, is composed by high performance fiber (carbon or glass) in a matrix material (epoxy polymer) when combined provides enhanced properties compared with individual materials it selves The engine used for Anomalya's engineering department is the Porsche boxer engine 6 cylinder 3200 cc derived from the original Porsche 986. The Porsche engine Boxer is light and compact, has a very low center of gravity allowing us to balance weights in the right place of the car

The power of Porsche Boxer engine 24 valves its according to the engine, homologated and comply with all international technical, safety and environmental pollution regulations. Our engineers and technicians re-power the Porsche boxer engine to get the maximum power capabilities for a Supercar


Supercars Manufacturing Made in Italy "street legal" Supercar manufacturing

Car Body composite material fiber engineered composites for Supercars

Engine Porsche boxer 986 engine is Porsche boxer engine 6 cylinder 3200 cc

Anomalya's power The engine Porsche boxer 986 accumulate power


Made in Italy head lights manufacturers to be used according to the final customer drive system, Sly garage factory will install the best certified lights solutions front and back for supercars

Our clutch engages and disengages the Anomalya's automotive power transmission from the driving shaft to a driven shaft. Anomalya Supercar's clutch was engineered from Porsche system to act as a perfect mechanical linkage between the engine and the gear transmission system Anomalya has selected Brembo as the undisputed global leader in the production of brake discs, calipers and complete braking systems. Using high end expertise and innovation technology Brembo produces everything from brake discs for the most popular cars manufacturers in Europe, America and Japan to the full braking systems for the world most prestigious and exclusive models The gearbox system, in a vehicle, is how we transmit the power and driving pleasure of our Anomalya car to the road. In recent years, the automotive technology has made and produced many engineering solutions for gearbox and  power transmission

High performance headlights to get the best drive eyes technology on the road

Clutch Porsche transmission gearbox system Italian engineering clutch

Supercars braking system Brembo the Italian brakes technology manufacturer

Power transmission gearbox system manual H gearbox Porsche 6-7 road


Homologated street legal axles selected for our mechanical and automotive engineering department, Porsche offers a great axles solution for a customized supercars manufacturing suppliers.

Italian alloy supercars wheels manufacturing company for Anomalya construction, made in Italy set of wheels front and back wheels according to the supercars performance and load system The suspension system of a Supercar, like Anomalya, is a complex subject, from an engineering point of view, because it is fundamental and important to define the best setup or configuration of the car to get the maximum performance, as requested by the Italian automotive engineering design Made in Italy tyres manufacturer industries for Anomalya supercars, safety and high performance for automotive supercars to support the mechanical automotive engineering solutions

Porsche axles technology engineering high performance Porsche axles

Certified alloy car wheel system 30" wheels for Anomalya supercars

Customized suspension system Supercar according to your own drive setup

Tyres 245 / 30 R20 set manufacturing technology extra load radial tubeless


Our supercar Anomalya, for aerodynamics is the maximum expression of automotive mechanical engineering, currently on the market, applied to a street car. SGF engineering team has designed a perfect aerodynamics system according to the weight, the engine and each component in synergy with an elegant car body made in Italy

Sly Garage Factory has selected Bosh Engine Management System EMS for Anomalya Supercar, the Bosh EMS and ECU provides data, using a full range of electronic and electrical components, to manage technical information about the engine functionality, this engine manage system included sensors, relays, actuators, and an Bosh Engine Control Unit Deluxe made in Italy leather for our comfort seats, the top line of Vicenza leather manufacturing b2b companies and suppliers for Anomalya supercars, design, quality and luxury details Anomalya is a road legal high performance luxury supercar manufacturerd in Lucca Tuscany Italy by Sly Garage Factory automotive manufacturing industry. SGF engineering department offer to the luxury car market, the Perfect Car, an Italian Sport Supercar for drive lovers, who wants to feel the driving system, a unique traditional Made in Italy mechanical engineering technology knowledge to produce "The Best World Supercar" using engine Porsche boxer 6 cylinder 3200 cc derived from the original Porsche 986 and formula' components working in synergy to develop the maximum drive experience

Aerodynamics System high performance automotive mechanical engineering

Bosch engine management System EMC Bosch ECU provides electronics data

Customized leather seats deluxe end made in Italy leather for comfort

Supercars Manufacturing Made in Italy "street legal" automobile





World News, the global media is talking about our supercar Anomalya the new made in Italy supercar to the luxury market



Sly Garage Factory srl is one of the most important Italian manufacturer of top Sport Supercars, high end automotive industry, mechanical technology for dealers distributors & suppliers, automobile manufacturing, using spare parts of new industrial technology offering private label for automotive manufacturers. Our mission is to produce deluxe supercars for distributors in Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East including private label for following markets: Italy, Vietnam, Asia, Austria, Japan, France, US, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine Greece, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Atlanta, Ohio in USA, Panama, Australia, Japan, China, India, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai UAE, Kuwait, GCC, Qatar, Thailand, Korea, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Uruguay, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Canada, United States of America, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Finland, Albania, Romania, Thailand, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile Ecuador, Paraguay,... supporting the luxury supercars business to business distribution.






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